Hemorrhoids treatment handbook

hemorrhoid treatment handbook
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Cure your hemorrhoids in less than 3 days!

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Over 20 recipes made of 100% natural ingredients you can find at the nearest store.

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After 2 years of running our website, I have received hundreds of emails from people asking for help, sharing stories and medication reviews from both producers and patients. I decided to gather all our knowledge about the best hemorrhoids cures I came across into a 100% original e-book, thus showing my support for those in need.

The Hemorrhoids Treatment Handbook was written by Liana Valeanu, a resident doctor at "UMF Carol Davila". This book is the product of 6 months of hard work and intense collaboration between me and Liana.

This book addresses to all the hemorrhoids suffers, starting from those in pain and ending with those frustrated or those that feel embarrassed to talk about their condition.

Don't waste valuable time, money and energy on this matter. You can put an end to your problems in just a few days, by carefully reading the instructions from our e-book. We have tried to make this e-book as simple and as helpful as possible, concentrating on the main aspects and recipes.

hemorrhoid treatment handbook
ONLY $20.00

I am confident that you can cure your hemorrhoids in less than 3-4 days using natural remedies and Chinese medication. Our book lists over 20 sets of cures, putting accent on those that worked in a good amount of cases, giving you the best insight on this disease.

All hemorrhoids types are curable, no matter how severe. Whether you have extremely painful bleeding hemorrhoids or you're just experiencing a small initial bum, this book is meant for you. With our help you can permanently cure hemorrhoids.

All the ingredients presented in the Hemorrhoids Treatment Handbook can be bought from a local store (Chinese boutiques, pharmacies or even supermarkets) or online (our book gives 2-3 resources for each ingredient).

After reading our book, you will know:

  • what is the fastest way to cure your hemorrhoids
  • what type of medication works for you
  • why fiber, water and keeping diet isn't enough to cure hemorrhoids
  • how to avoid irreversible changes produced by this disease to your body
  • why surgery isn't the best response to hemorrhoids
  • what is the best Chinese medication for hemorrhoids
  • what things you need to eat and what improvements you should make in your diet
  • what are hemorrhoids and their exact causes
  • how to lower vein pressure by stooling properly

You can also read some reviews of this book on our forum (if you already bought it, feel free to add your own). For your convenience, I have briefly listed some of them:

Review from Carolyne A.:

I haven't felt so happy and free for such a long time. Hemorrhoids had literally made my life a hell. Sometimes pain was just too much for me... I had one rubber-band ligation and one laser surgery in 2 years. After just a few months from my laser operation, the problem reappeared. After reading your book and using a mix of your topic creams and compresses, my problem was partially gone in 3 days. It's to early to give a complete "heads-up" but still, I am impressed. If I can cure myself, anybody can!...

Review from Brad H.:

...Your cure from the last chapter is unbelievable. I just wish I had found your site earlier, I was in deep pain for so long. The book worth's it. Thanks!

Review from David:

...However, I did manage to complete a set of ointments that has proved to work great for me. I already feel much better and my confidence is increasing. I think I will heal completely...

Review from James and Jane:

...I asked my little girl to search some cures for me. The next day, she came to me with a printed copy of your book. I don't really know how to use computers, so I asked her to write this "Thank you" note. Both I and James, my husband, feel much better thanks to one of your compress solutions...

Review from A.A.:

I was really embarrassed when I discovered I had hemorrhoids. I have only 33 years, I didn't know people can make hemorrhoids at this age. I needed a quick remedy, but I only found junk on internet. A few weeks ago when I singed up to your newsletter, I was taking in consideration a laser intervention. 2 weeks ago, I received your mail and bought your book. Yesterday I have bought tickets for a vacation with the money I saved for the laser surgery. Buying your book was one of my best investments.

Read more reviews on our forum, at the book reviews section.

I would also like to present the Table of Contents of our book:

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Hemorrhoids - general facts and etiology
Chapter 2: Medical and surgical treatment for hemorrhoids
Chapter 3: Natural treatments for hemorrhoids - an alternative solution
Chapter 4: The importance of diet in hemorrhoids prevention
Chapter 5: One day's diet
Chapter 6: How to treat the most common cause of hemorrhoids - constipation
Chapter 7: Topical treatment for hemorrhoids - reduce pain
Chapter 8: Topical treatment for hemorrhoids - compresses
Chapter 9: Topical treatment for hemorrhoids - salves and ointments
Chapter 10: Therapy capsules
Chapter 11: Fast natural remedies
Chapter 12: Sitting or squatting?
Chapter 13: Alum crystals in a combined treatment

I had spent a few days searching the web for an appropriate product to our 'Hemorrhoids Treatment Handbook'. What I found where only some questionable books written by self-claimed professionals. Our e-book is written by a medical professional and although it isn't a substitute for proper medical diagnosis or treatment (please read our full disclaimer before buying it), you can fully rely on our advices and our recipes as these were written by a person that has experience in this matter. And another few promises that we will keep:

  • we will not raise our price (thus putting pressure on you to act now - a sneaky approach that would trigger you to buy our book without reading all the information on our page).
  • you will not find this book anywhere else. We do not have any affiliates.
  • we do not try to get your email address by offering you some sort of silly report about hemorrhoids, putting you to complete a survey to receive a free sample or any other shameless technique.
  • we do not offer you any other bonuses. What you get is only our book and our advice on our forum.
  • we don't offer silly audio lessons, videos or any other kind of marketing materials that are supposed make our book more attractive.
  • if and after you buy our book, we will not bombard your email address with dozens of other package offers.
  • you can always submit your fair review of the book on our forum, at Hemorrhoids Treatment Handbook review section.

Our price is one of the smallest out there. Our book costs only $20. I am confident in the quality of our handbook; if you can't find a cure that will work for you or if you consider that our book brings no benefits to you, you can contact us and we will fully refund your payment, no questions asked (your payment is Risk Free, we offer a period of 60 days money-back guarantee).

If you decided that you want to buy our book, please click on the following button. After you complete the payment, click on the 'Return to customer' button so that you receive immediate access to our book (you will also receive a download link in your email). The download links are locked to your ip and will be live only 24h.

Our system is fully secured, your privacy is 100% assured. If anything goes wrong during the payment process (although this is virtually impossible) or you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

hemorrhoid treatments
ONLY $20.00