Can Dehydration Cause Hemroids?

For those suffering from hemroids, you need to know what really causes them and how to prevent them in order to completely get rid of that kind of condition. There are actually many causes of hemroids and a comprehensive discussion can be found in the four corners of the World Wide Web. But most of the hemroid victims are asking the same thing, can dehydration cause hemroids? Let's dig deeper on this subject so we can help enlighten the victims of hemroids.

Can Dehydration Cause Hemroids

Hemroids are usually caused by many factors that contribute to the severity of hemroids. But dehydration is one major factor that worsens the hemroids. Dehydration actually causes the blood pressure to increase which would eventually lead to the swelling of the anorectal veins. Alcohol and caffeine are two of the major causes of dehydration so it is better to prevent them at an early stage before it is too late. When we say dehydration, it is basically the lack of fluid in the body. And because of this, it causes the stools to be dry and compact. Dehydration is also the cause of constipation so greater pressure is built in the rectum which leads to the inflammation of the anal veins, and hemroids are the ultimate cause.

With this explanation, there is no doubt that dehydration plays a crucial role in the development of hemroids. So in order to avoid hemroids, the logical thing is that you also need to avoid dehydration. People who don't drink enough water are usually the victim of dehydration. As a rule, you need to drink eight glasses a day. But instead, people replace water with other beverages like soft drinks, coffee and tea.

Coffee, green tea, soda and other types of tea all contain caffeine and this is a diuretic, which means that you are going to pass more fluids and when you pass more fluids, dehydration is imminent. Alcohol is another major cause of dehydration. It is not uncommon for someone to have hemorrhoids after several beers or wines in just one night. There are demonstrable links between drinking alcohol and hemroids.

Drinking as much water in a day is actually not difficult especially when you think of the many benefits it can bring. It cannot only prevent dehydration but it can also do wonders to your body. Try it and you will definitely notice the importance if you hydrate yourself regularly. And in terms of the connection of water and hemorrhoids, water will soften the stool and make it easy to pass. It will also stop constipation and help you lose weight. So as a whole, it is important for the body to have enough water in order to clear the toxins.

Water is crucial not just in preventing hemroids but to your body as a whole. And before you start looking for ways on how to prevent hemroids, you should be focusing first on how you will be hydrated. Hemroids are not hard to control and drinking water enough water is a big step that you should take.