Creams for Hemroids

Hemroids is a condition that affects a lot of people. Almost half of the population, by age 50 has experienced 1 or 2 symptoms of the condition at least once in their lives. Hemroids itself is not a disease; it is more akin to varicose veins than anything else. It is merely the distention and swelling of the veins in the anal and rectal canal. Being so, this condition is not fatal and does not pose as a great health threat. However, it can be extremely painful, irritating, and uncomfortable. That is why there are a lot of treatment options that are available to cure this condition.

creams for hemorrhoids

But what exactly are hemroids to begin with? They are merely veins that are in the anal and rectal canal that lie just beneath the membranes that can be found there. Hemroids is a distention of these veins caused by blockage in the blood flow. Treat them as varicose veins but in a different location. This is caused by constipation and the excessive straining when moving your bowel. The increase in pressure results to the impediment in the blood flow thus causing these veins to become engorged.

Much like varicose veins, there are myriads of treatment procedures and therapies that can alleviate the problem. There is the all popular surgical method wherein the hemroids are clipped by a rubber band to stop the blood flow to the area to cause it to fall off. However, as a surgical procedure, there are risks involved with it and it can be somewhat of a hassle. Good thing that there are also creams for hemroids available.

These creams provide fast relief and help stop the burning sensation and itchiness that hemroids produce. There are a lot of creams for hemroids that are available in the market and most can be bought from any pharmacy or store and are quite inexpensive compared to the surgical alternative.

Most creams have an anesthetic or astringent as their active ingredient and these compounds help provide relief and soothe the pain. These compounds can include pramoxine hydrochloride, shark liver oil, hydrocortisone, and petrolatum. So if you are planning to buy some creams for hemroids, then these are the ingredients that you should look for.

These creams are applied by using your fingers or special applicators that come with the creams. You must first clean the area with mild soap and warm water then dry it off with the use of a clean cloth. Next apply the cream directly to the affected area. Read the instructions of the cream to see whether it is for external or internal use or if it can be used for both.

Remember that creams provide almost instant relief but only work to alleviate the symptoms and not completely heal the problem. The relief may last for a few hours wherein afterwards, you must reapply the cream again. Even though, they only provide fast relief, they are very inexpensive as compared to surgical procedures. Some people may experience a few side effects when using these creams; however, this rarely ever happens.