Does Blood in Stool Mean I have Hemroids?

It is a very alarming experience for any person to find blood in their stool after a bowel movement. It is not a normal thing to experience this situation that's why some people panic when they see the red blood in their stool. This condition is not always accompanied by pain which can be very puzzling. However, having blood in your stool doesn't always mean that you have a very severe medical condition.

does blood in stool mean I have hemorrhoids

If you have observed that blood is present in your stool, you should always remember to take note of its overall color. Color can be an indication of the source of the blood. Darker shades can be an indication that the blood came from within the gastrointestinal (GI) tract which might be a more serious ailment. It is most likely though that the blood is bright red in color. A brighter red color of blood indicates that it came from a closer source which is at the end of the GI tract. This usually means that its source is at the anus or the rectum.

Essentially, hemroids are varicose veins that occur in and around the anus and the rectum. Increased pressure to the sensitive veins causes them to swell up and become inflamed which are exhibited by lumps or masses in the anal canal or around the anus. Hemorrhoids can be internal or external depending whether it occurs in the anal canal or around the anus which is the visible part. External hemorrhoids are visible and can felt. On the other hand, internal hemorrhoids are not seen by the naked eye and cannot be felt. They can become unnoticed since they are generally not painful.

Since internal hemorrhoids are hidden from sight, its most common symptom is usually the presence of bright red colored blood in stool after a bowel movement. People with internal hemorrhoids usually have to strain and force to move their bowels. These straining and pushing force can contribute further more to the pressure in and around the anus and the rectum. If there are hemorrhoids present, they can be irritated and squeezed and become ruptured due to the increase in pressure. Eventually the ruptured hemorrhoids can cause a small amount of blood to be present in stool.

Do not panic if you will observe a large amount of bright red blood in your stool. The bright red color that you may be able to notice is not usually just blood. Mucus that is produced with the occurrence of hemorrhoids can mix with the blood which makes it appear that there is a large amount of blood in your stool.

But remember that blood in the stool is not always caused by hemroids. It can also be caused by diseases or illnesses that are more serious. Check the color of the blood. A darker color of blood which is sometimes black to tarry might be a sign that you have a bad medical condition occurring at your upper gastrointestinal tract. Also, an increase in the amount of blood signifies that you should call your doctor immediately.