Hemorrhoids treatment

    Hi and welcome to my hemorrhoids treatment page, one of the most important pages of the site. In many cases hemorrhoid treatment involves steps that you can take on your own. Here I have gathered the best medicaments for curing hemorrhoids, and centralized them in a table, so that you can easily know what is the best for you. I have formed my opinion based on several cases I have witnessed. Also, my father is treating himself for 5 years now, and my grandfather is suffering from hemorrhoids for almost 20 years.

    If you are a company that produces a hemorrhoid cure and you feel that your product deserves a spot on this page, feel free to contact me. Please contact me if you have suffered from hemorrhoids before and have other suggestions that worked for you. I am always searching for new and better treatments for this disease. Also, feel free to ask me anything that is unclear.

    I have constructed below a table, in which I have characterized all the medicaments I have found online after several factors like theirs characteristics, my trust in them, their form (tablet, cream, solution), their purpose (for discomfort, pain, cure, prevention), if they are pregnancy suitable and, of course, their price.

Medications used for treatment of hemorrhoid
Form (cream, solution, tablet, other)
Guarantee Period
Purpose (cure, prevent, pain relief, discomfort)
Pregnancy Suitable
Price $US
Tablet 6 months Shrink, Heal, and Sooth.
Read full
Clearmed review
  $39.95 for 1 Week Treatment
treatment for hemorrhoids
Oil - ointment 1 to 6 months 100% natural. Read full Amoils review Variations of this medication are suitable. $26.95 for 11 ml / 1 month.
hemorrhoid treatments
Tablet 1 to 6 months Very good for pain, cure and prevention. Read full Venapro review Not exactly. $40 for 1 month.
bleeding hemorrhoids

Tablet 6 months Very good for pain, discomfort relief and prevention. Read full Avatrol review Not exactly. $25 for 2 weeks, and around $240 discounted price, for 6 months.
Zenmed Ziro
cures for hemorrhoids
Cream 2 months Very good for pain, discomfort relief, cure and prevention. Read full Zenmed Ziro review Not exactly. $35 for 1 month.
Zenmed Ensa
Tablet 2 months Very good for prevention. Not exactly. $35 for 1 month.
PreparationH hemorrhoids medicaments
hemorrhoids treatment
A complete gamma of creams, suppositories, gels, wipes and so on. Depends. Very good for relief, cure and prevention. Depends. Depends (varies between $10 and $300 per month).

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