How to Treat Bleeding Hemorrhoids

Many people are often concerned on how to treat bleeding hemorrhoids. Although bleeding hemorrhoids are not fatal, having it treated is important. Bleeding hemorrhoids should be treated promptly so as to prevent them from getting more severe. It is also a better idea to call for medical attention when bleeding occurs since blood in the stool can alsohow to treat bleeding hemorrhoids indicate other diseases that are more serious than hemorrhoids. Some over the counter medications such as ointments, gel and jellies might be readily available but it won't prove much useful for treating bleeding hemorrhoids since this kind usually occurs in the inner portion of the anus. Medications such as these are much more effective in treating external hemorrhoids. Rectal bleeding due to hemorrhoids can rarely cause serious problems such as anemia but bleeding can also be an indication of more serious cases such as rectal or colon cancer.

Hydrocortisone creams which are over-the-counter medicines may help in preventing the need for a surgical treatment for hemorrhoidal bleeding. The medication may reduce itching, swelling, and discomfort of external hemorrhoids. Some suppositories can also treat internal hemorrhoids but it sometimes takes several weeks for it to take effect.

Surgery is also a treatment for bleeding hemorrhoids. One type of surgical procedure is the rubber band ligation in which a small rubber band is placed around the hemorrhoid to cut off its blood supply. The hemorrhoid will eventually shrivel and die away. Another type of surgical procedure is to cut away the hemorrhoid from the anal tissue but this requires sutures to stop the bleeding.

Having a laser surgery is also recommended in treating bleeding hemorrhoids. The laser stops the bleeding by cauterizing the blood vessels in the hemorrhoid. This type of medical procedure is less painful than the others and a risk for infection is much lower. Same as other types of diseases, bleeding hemorrhoids can also be treated by natural products. Some people prefer this type of treatment since they think natural products are much more safer. Some remedies for treating bleeding hemorrhoids are enumerated below.

1. Butcher's Broom

The natural extract from the Butcher's broom contains steroid-like properties that are known as ruscogenins and neuroscogenins. They have extremely potent anti-inflammatory effects which can be helpful in treating a bleeding hemorrhoid. It can help in reducing the swelling and inflammation.

2. Horse Chestnut

Horse chestnut extract contains aescin, which contains potent anti-inflammatory and anti-edema properties. The extract can reduce swelling and the pain caused by the disease. The extract can also help in strengthening the walls of the veins which can reduce the occurrence of ruptured hemorrhoids. However, the extract can also be toxic so it is important to consult a doctor if ever you will consider using this.

3. Bilberry

Bilberry extract contains bioflavonoid. This compound is found to increase the blood flow throughout the entire body while improving blood circulation. Because of this, it is extremely useful for the conditions caused by blood flow that disrupt hemorrhoids.

4. Cayenne

This is simply a red hot chili pepper that is commonly used with various dishes and meals. The hot pepper contains capsaicin, which is commonly used for pain and itch relief as it affects the sensory nerves. This is extremely effective when used for bleeding hemorrhoids.

5. Mullein

The last natural bleeding hemorrhoid cure to consider is mullein. These extracts from the leaves and flowers contain astringent and soothing agents. What they do is help sooth irritated and inflamed skin. The great thing about them is that they are one of the safest herbal methods used.

Using natural method or surgical procedure can prove helpful in treating bleeding hemorrhoids but be sure to see your doctor if rectal bleeding occurs.