Internal Hemorrhoids

Today, many are already suffering from hemorrhoids. So it is only proper to have full knowledge about this kind of health problem in order to be well informed and you will exactly know what to do in case this kind of condition arises. There are actually two kinds of hemorrhoids: internal hemorrhoidsthe internal and the external. This article will specifically talk about internal hemorrhoids as this one is hard to detect. This kind of hemorrhoid is actually caused once the tissue supporting the veins located in the anal weakens. The swollen veins and the tissue will bulge in the anal canal. From there, you will now start experiencing some of the symptoms of internal hemorrhoids such as bleeding during or after bowel movements, itching or burning feeling in the anus, and rectal pain before, during or after bowel movements. So, if you experience rectal bleeding, it is wise that you consult your trusted doctor.

And like in external hemorrhoid, you will also notice that bright red spots of blood appear after a bowel movement. But as compared to external hemorrhoids, the blood spots are only noticeable if you wipe a tissue paper before a bowel movement. Blood spots may also appear on the pieces of stool. In internal hemorrhoids, the bleeding happens internally and the blood spots may leak from the anus even without any bowel movement.

The second symptom, as discussed earlier, is the itching and burning feeling in the anal canal. Since it is an internal hemorrhoid, they may sometimes leak mucus because the body tries to cure them. The mucus is what actually triggers the itching sensation and not the small ruptures in the walls of the vein. And once this mucus starts to leak, then it will ultimately cause the irritation on the inside as well as the outside of the anus.

Once you are experiencing these two symptoms, then you should be vigilant about it and start to consult your doctor. Aside from the mentioned symptoms of internal hemorrhoids, there are also other symptoms that you need to be careful about. The constant feeling of needing a bowel movement after completing one is another. The reason for the constant need to go to the bathroom is because of the feeling that a stool is ready to come out from your anus. This feeling is caused by the swelling of the anal cushions that is responsible for helping the stool emerge from the large intestines. When the internal hemorrhoid becomes larger, the more intense feeling of urge to go to the bathroom will be experienced.

The last symptom that you will feel if you have internal hemorrhoids is the pain in the anal canal. Internal hemorrhoids are actually not painful. However, if the hemorrhoids are big and begin to protrude through the anus, they become a bit painful especially when squeezed during bowel movements. Once the pain is no longer tolerable, it only means that the blood supply to the hemorrhoid is restricted by the sphincter muscles. If this happens, the only remedy is an emergency treatment.