Proper Diets to Prevent Hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids are one of the problems that most people have experienced. According to studies, by age 50, nearly half of the people have probably experienced a few of the symptoms of this medical diagnosis. In truth, all of us have hemorrhoids; these are just veins that are located in the lower anal and rectal canal that are located justProper Diets to Prevent Hemorrhoids beneath the mucous membrane. However, the problem that we all call as hemorrhoids is a distention and swelling of these veins, much like how varicose veins in the legs swell up.

The major problem of this condition is the pain and irritation that comes with it. Hemorrhoids are not dangerous and nearly never fatal; however, they can be very annoying and irritating which causes a lot of discomfort. This is the complaint of almost all the people who have suffered from this problem.

Hemorrhoids are thought to be caused by chronic constipation and excessive straining when moving your bowel. This produces pressure on the lower anus and interferes with the blood flow to the veins. This in turn causes the veins to engorge and swell.

There are a lot of treatment modalities and procedures that are used to cure the problem ranging from creams to surgical procedure. However, the best means to avoid the discomfort associated with the condition is through prevention.

Since this problem arises from problems in moving bowel, then the best means to prevent this is by changing that factor. There are proper diets to prevent hemorrhoids and these can all be easily done and followed.

First of all, since constipation is a leading factor in the formation of hemorrhoids, then eating a lot of fiber to prevent constipation will eventually lead to the prevention of forming hemorrhoids. Eating foods rich in fiber will give your stool more material to form on since these foods are not digested. More bulk means easier passage thus less chances of becoming constipated. Foods rich in fiber are raw fruits and vegetables. Bran and oatmeal are also good sources of fiber and makes the stool soft and easier to pass and is good for the elderly who may find eating raw fruits and vegetables hard.

Another way to prevent constipation is by drinking plenty of water. The large intestines are responsible for water absorption which makes the stool hard. Harder stool is more difficult to excrete and later on leads to constipation. By drinking plenty of water, the stool becomes softer which again in turn prevents constipation. Also by drinking water during the meal rather than after will be more effective since it will also make the fiber-rich foods easier to digest. You must also eat slowly since this will give your body more time to digest and break down the food.

By doing all of these dietary changes you can prevent the formation of hemorrhoids. Since you will not be straining to move your bowel, you will decrease the likelihood of developing hemorrhoids. Start changing your diet now to prevent further complications. You will also have a healthier body in the process.